Stephanie Stroud

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Stephanie Stroud

Mixed Media Collage

As a life-long resident of Southeastern Massachusetts, I am intrigued by the seasonal changes and variation in landscape that New England offers. I work in collage because I am a maker; I enjoy the process and tactile experience involved with assembling to create while appreciating the forgiveness and immediacy of collage. I use many different kinds of paper but rarely in their original form, painting or staining to accentuate the natural texture or create pattern and texture where there is none. Incorporating branches that I have collected into my collages creates dimensionality and an element of the unexpected. Combining encaustic painting with collage has proven to be both challenging and satisfying. The cooling wax has enabled me to bring the distinctive brush mark into my process that I have sought. The results are traditional landscapes created in an unconventional way that always invite a second look.


370 Cummings Road
Swansea, MA 02777