Member FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions For Artists


Q Who is eligible to become a member?

A Any visual artist working or residing within the South Coast Artists Region may become a member.

Q What is the South Coast Artists Region?

A The South Coast Artists Region encompasses the Massachusetts towns of Westport and Dartmouth, and the Rhode Island towns of Tiverton and Little Compton.

Q Is there any jurying process to become a member?

A No. South Coast Artists is an inclusive community of emerging and professional artists.

Q What are the benefits of becoming a member?

A Benefits include: opportunities to exhibit your art in group shows, attend lectures and events, network with other artists, learn how to market your art, be on the Open Studio Tour! See Membership Guidelines for more details. Click here.

Q Can I participate in the Open Studio Tour(s) without becoming a member of South Coast Artists?

A No. You must first become a member.

Q Can I become a member without participating in either Open Studio events?

A Yes.

Q May I become a member at any time throughout the year?

A Yes, memberships are effective when paid; they all will expire annually on December 31.



SCA Tour Signs

Open Studio Tour

Open Studio Tour

Open Studio Registration

Q Who is eligible to participate in the Open Studio Tours?

A Any member artist within the South Coast Artist Region may participate in the Open Studio Tour in their own Single Studio, and may invite one (1) local Guest Artist to share their studio space. In the case of two artists sharing a studio, whether the arrangement is long-term or only for the Tour weekends, both must be members. Each artist registers individually for the Tour, each receives an image plus text in the brochure, and the location is numbered on the Tour Map. The studio must be in a permanent structure, such as a working studio or home studio. Studio space is subject to SCA guidelines and approval.

Special note for Galleries: A gallery is defined here as a permanent commercial art space representing and exhibiting the works of three or more artists. Galleries do not register for the Open Studio Tour, but instead can become Tour Sponsors. Upon committing to be a Tour Sponsor by April 15, the Gallery’s name and location will be printed on the Tour map, with its logo featured in the Sponsor Gallery Section in the brochure. Promotional items will be provided to Sponsor Galleries, including the SCA Open Studio Tour Banner, retail display poster, and map materials. See SCA Sponsor Kit for detailed information, map design and sponsor benefits.

Q When can I register for the Open Studios?

A If you are a returning Tour artist, you can sign up during “Early Bird” Registration, February 1–28. Regular Registration for all members begins March 1 and ends on March 31, or when the maximum participant limit of 75 is reached. Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis.

Q When do I need to submit photos and info for the printed brochure?

A Submit materials with your Tour registration, or as soon as possible after you register. The deadline is March 31.

Q What exactly must I submit to be included in the Open Studios Brochure?

A All information required for the brochure is included as part of your registration form. When using the online form, you will be prompted to provide address, phone, website, email, medium, description of your work, and to attach your digital image (photo .jpg) of your art piece. Please provide a square cropped image, or the image will be cropped for you. The file size should be at least 6” by 6” with a resolution of 300 ppi. If you have difficulty cropping, sizing, or submitting your image online, please contact our Tour Chair by email at

Open Studio Event Weekends & Promotion

Q Besides the brochure, map and the website, how else will the Open Studio weekends be promoted?

A Regional and local newspaper and magazine listings, press releases, summer guides, and e-mail blasts. Your location and art sample will also be on our mobile app for smartphones.

Q Will I receive any brochures to send out with my own personal mailing list?

A Yes, each artist will receive a pack of brochures for their own mailings as well as to distribute to businesses and public locations all around the area.

Online Artist Directory

Q What will be included in the Artist Directory?

A All member artists can be listed in the Artist Directory on the SCA website. There, each artist has a page to display examples of their artwork as well as a brief description of style, medium, and subject matter, and vital contact information. Visitors to the website can use the directory to find names, look through all of the posted art, plan their Tour visits, or get in touch individually with artists whose work interests them.

Q Is there a deadline for submitting my images and information to the directory?

A Yes. Upon renewing your membership, you have until March 31 to update your artist page content. However, it is to your advantage to send in your materials as soon as possible. Material submitted may take 1 month to appear online.

Q How often will I be able to modify my page?

A Once per year, from the time of membership renewal and up to March 31, you may update your 5 images, in-studio photo, and your text information for that calendar year.

Q How many images may I submit to the directory?

A You may submit up to 5 images of your artwork, plus a photo of the artist or studio/gallery.

Q How do I label the image files for the Artist Directory?

A Label each file with your name and image number. (BevSmith1.jpg, BevSmith2.jpg etc.) Then, in a text file, list the following for each image submitted: image number, your last name, medium, title of artwork, and size of artwork. (#1, Smith, Oil, Happy Times, 30” by 40”.)

Q How do I submit the files to South Coast Artists Inc.?

A Please submit images and text for artist page updates by clicking on the link in our members’ email blast, and follow the directions to upload online.

If you cannot submit using the online form, please try to submit all files together to Stephanie Stroud by email at: Include your last name in subject of email.