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Self-Care in Your Studio

The first in a short series

With all the uncertainty about the pandemic, what the future holds for us, and what the “new normal” will look like, we artists are pretty stressed out. This type of stress can impact the quality and quantity of our work. If you want to be productive during stressful times, you need to prioritize self-care, and be mindful in your studio practice.

This post is the first of a short series of videos and tips SCA is sharing to help you consciously build some sustainable habits into your daily studio practice. We hope you find them helpful!

What Now?

Strategies for moving forward

So, it looks like we’ve survived the worst of the pandemic. But things are definitely not back to normal. And we don’t know when they will be.

So what do we do now? Today?

Well grab a pad and pen, and watch this free recorded webinar from Artwork Archive. It’s chock full of tips and useful info to help you make the very best use of this time to sustain and actually grow your art business.

In fact, there’s so much useful info here, you may want to watch it twice!