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Directions to SCA Open Studio Tours

From Newport (approximately 30 minutes)

Take Rte. 138 or Rte. 114 north to Rte. 24 North. Take Exit 5–Tiverton/Little Compton (Routes 77/177) and head south (right) on to Route 77/Main Road and follow towards Little Compton. Follow brochure map.

From Providence (approximately 30 minutes)

From Rte. 95, take exit for Rte. 195 East towards Fall River. Follow for about 20 miles, over Braga Bridge, and take Exit 10 (Horseneck Beach – Rte. 88) to Westport and follow brochure map.

From Boston (approximately 60 minutes)

From Rte. 128 take Exit 4 – Rte. 24 South towards Fall River. Proceed on Rte. 24S for 38 miles to Exit 4 – Rte. 195 East (left exit). Immediately proceed to Exit 10 – Rte.88/Horseneck Beach to Westport. Follow brochure map.

From Cape Cod (approximately 40 minutes)

Take Rte. 25 West to Exit 1 – Rte. 195 West towards New Bedford. Take Exit 13A – Rte. 140 South. Go right onto Rte. 6 West (Dartmouth) and a left onto Slocum Road. Follow brochure map.